Lord I believe; help my unbelief.

Help me to love you with my whole heart, soul, mind and strength. Let there be nothing in me that does not love you.

Help me to love my neighbor as myself. Help me to truly see and hear the cry of my neighbor and respond with loving action.

Help me to act.

Help me to change.

Help me to let go of my life and that I may grasp onto the hem of yours.

Help me to embrace life.

Help me to find, use and share the keys to your kingdom.

Help me to prepare for death that I may know how to live.

Help me to gain in knowledge, wisdom, understanding and zeal that I may serve you better through the renewal of my mind and my heart.

Help me this day to draw closer to you, Marian, the children and the children’s children.

Help me to be part of your new creation.

Help me this day to shine some small light on your glory.

Help me to pray.

Help me to be grateful.

Help me to be a steward of my entire existence, offering you the best and the first.

I thank you, Lord, that you are a God that calls me to follow you and that in following your call I fulfill my mission in life. Grant me, Lord, the grace to know how and where to follow that not a moment of my life is wasted, that I may offer you the best that I am, and that I may know the energy of inspired action.

Come into the core of my being. Remove what offends you, what keeps me from you, and what prevents me from naming, claiming, and proclaiming the abundant life in you. And once you have cleansed me, fill me with your love that I may be a beacon to others through my smile, kind word, loving action, enthusiasm, encouragement, endurance and tenacity.

In Christ’s name I pray.