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There Is A Solution For Everything

I was first introduced to this comforting thought about 10 years ago when I was puzzling how to make a repair to my sailboat engine in a location that I couldn't reach and couldn't imagine how anyone else could. I expressed this to the boatyard manager who said, nonchalantly, "There is a solution for everything." And he found the solution.

The absolute certainty of this expression was reinforced recently when I was trying to find a fix to the handle of my microwave that had broken off. After working through several mental solutions, I fell upon the notion to look on YouTube. YouTube had the answer. I have come to believe that there is a solution to everything on YouTube, meaning that others have experienced my problem and have solved it.

But what about other problems, like "what is your purpose in life", how to face life when life is unbearable, how to be joyful when all is misery? Of course, there are YouTube videos for these, but these can only skim the surface of solutions for they do not originate from the true source. The true and utterly reliable source to life's vexing problems is the Bible. Every emotional issue is addressed in the Psalms. Wisdom for practical living abounds in the Proverbs and other wisdom literature. Rules of conduct are found in the Old Testament, and New Testament Gospels and letters point to the essence behind true living-real life-and that is the relationship with our creator.

Nevertheless, YouTube, and digital search in general, are awesome engines that can bring the Word of God to anyone, at any time, and on every topic. Use them to find your solution to everything.


Naming, Claiming, and Proclaiming

the Abundant Life

Who am I? Good question. Who am I, really?
A very good question, a soul-searching question.

I am in search of The Abundant Life.
Why  choose the abundant life? What is it? And where may it be found?

Join me in my journey to The Abundant Life..

Why Choose it?

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where is it?

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my journey begins daily

today i will...


I begin each day with short reflections based on Study, Prayer, and a commitment to Action (my Bible SPA).

What amazes me is the ease, breadth and depth of these thoughts that can only come from the Holy Spirit. I conclude each reflection with a mention of God’s altar because it is at God’s altar where blessings are bestowed, gratitude is offered, and wholeness is made. And God’s altar may be found anywhere and everywhere, and especially in my heart.

Comprehend What It Means

Comprehend What It Means

Today I will attempt to comprehend what it means to have the Holy Spirit within me and round about me. The Holy Spirit surrounds me like air, penetrates every part of me and creation, is the life force for existence, is more powerful than the forces of the universe,...

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Cleanse The Thoughts Of My Heart

Cleanse The Thoughts Of My Heart

Today I will cleanse the thoughts of my heart by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I cannot do the cleansing myself and so I will allow the Holy Spirit to work within me. With this cleansing, the perfection that Christ commands may begin to take hold. (Be ye...

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Trade My Will, Self, and Desires

Trade My Will, Self, and Desires

Today I will “trade my will, self, and desires for your rest, sufficiency, and fellowship.” I will trade the vexing problems of today, the longterm worries of tomorrow, and the unknown of eternity for your immediate, constant, and limitless love, companionship, and friendship.

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Themes to Explore

“Lessons From The Helm”

This is my first published book.

“Lessons” presents life’s big lessons from the helm of a very small boat and details a 3-day sailing regatta in which my son and I competed and capsized.
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Lessons From The Helm

Life’s big lessons

“Destroy These False Gods

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