My journey to the abundant life is currently 73 years in the making.

I could never have imaged where I could be today based on my early years. That is the blessing of time directed by God. Where I once craved what the world promised, now I crave the promise of a loving God. When once I sought to optimize my search results on my business website, I now work to optimize my search for wisdom. And where LinkedIn was my business resumé, it is now directed to The Abundant Life.

Spirituality and the abundant life

Discovering Your True Life of Abundance

Today I Will

Scour My Heart

Scour My Heart

Today I will ask God to scour my heart, to fine what is impure and to cleanse it, that I may see Him at all times, in all situations and in all people.

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Do Not Betray

Do Not Betray

Today I will take heed that I do not betray Christ with a kiss: that I do not pretend to love Him or neighbor, that I do not act out of self-interest, that I do not return His love with self-love

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Themes to Explore

“Lessons From The Helm”

This is my first published book.

“Lessons” presents life’s big lessons from the helm of a very small boat and details a 3-day sailing regatta in which my son and I competed and capsized.
Available on Amazon.com

Lessons From The Helm

Life’s big lessons

“Destroy These False Gods

My latest book. What false gods are vying for your soul? Discover 101 false gods that must be destroyed before they destroy you. Available on Amazon.com


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