Today I will use the story of Mephibosheth to heighten my awareness of and indebtedness to God’s love.

Mephibosheth was Jonathan’s crippled son (next in line for Israel’s throne but physically incapable of defending his claim to it) who fled David after the death of Jonathan and Saul, being afraid for his life. David had made a vow to Jonathan to protect his family, and when the prophet Nathan reminded David of his vow, David summoned Mephibosheth to his court where Mephibosheth dined and lived as royalty.

Here we have a glimpse of what Christ offers to us, crippled and spiritually disfigured as we are by estrangement from God. We are not slaughtered because we are weak but brought into a glorious life with God through His promise to David. Moreover, when God looks at us, He sees the beauty of Christ instead of our disfigurement.

2 Samuel 9:13
And Mephibosheth lived in Jerusalem, because he always ate at the king’s table; he was lame in both feet. NIV

Today I will take a place at God’s altar because I am invited there.