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Category: Today I Will

Seek a Feeling

Today I will seek a feeling for my inscrutable God, not the impossibility of a description: reverential awe, majesty, royal splendor, awesome power veiled by impenetrable clouds and thick darkness.

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Build God’s Altar

Today I will build God’s altar everywhere and offer prayers and the sacrifice of a grateful heart. This altar will remind me of daily decisions: to choose the Lord (Bethel-house of God) or to chose the world (Ai-heap of ruins).

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Follow the spirit

Today I will take stock of my weakness in faith and beware of brash statements unsupported by true conviction, for I do not possess any strength of my own, but rely solely on the Spirit.

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Worship God

Today I will worship God, enlarging my vision of Him that I may be changed, transformed. Worship brings me closer to God; everything looks larger the closer it is viewed. And I need a bigger God;

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Look for God

Today I will look for how God reveals himself to me, and follow in faith. Hebrews 11:8
By faith Abraham heard God’s call to travel to a place he would one day receive as an inheritance; and he obeyed, not knowing where God’s call would take him.

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Go confidently

Today (New Year’s Day 2021) I will go forth rejoicing in the power of the Spirit to live a life focused on Christ, with a faith based on confident expectation, not wishful thinking.

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“Lessons From The Helm”

This is my first published book, an ebook, on Amazon Kindle. Free with Kindle Unlimited.

It presents life’s big lessons from the helm of a very small boat and details a 3-day sailing regatta in which my son and I competed and capsized.

Lessons From The Helm

Life’s big lessons