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The Gift We Leave At The Altar

What is the greatest gift we can bring to God's altar? Consider this; it is our total self, redeemed by, surrendered to, and transformed by Christ.

If you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.
Matthew 5:23-24

Naming, Claiming, and Proclaiming

the Abundant Life

Who am I? Good question. Who am I, really?
A very good question, a soul-searching question.

I am in search of The Abundant Life.
Why  choose the abundant life? What is it? And where may it be found?

Join me in my journey to The Abundant Life.

Why desire it?    What is it?   Where is it?

my journey begins daily

today i will...


I begin each day with short reflections based on Study, Prayer, and a commitment to Action (my Bible SPA).

What amazes me is the ease, breadth and depth of these thoughts that can only come from the Holy Spirit. I conclude each reflection with a mention of God’s altar because it is at God’s altar where blessings are bestowed, gratitude is offered, and wholeness is made. And God’s altar may be found anywhere and everywhere, and especially in my heart.

Be Comforted And Encouraged By God’s Grace

Be Comforted And Encouraged By God’s Grace

Today I will apply the grace I have received to strengthen me in all good works.2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, Who loved us and gave us everlasting consolation and encouragement and well-founded hope through [His]...

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Bloom Where God Plants Me

Bloom Where God Plants Me

Today I will “stop self-pitying (even in small matters) and start blooming where You plant me”. (A Daily Companion to My Utmost for His Highest) I will resist all feelings that God is wasting my life and seek to glorify Him by whatever means and in whatever way,...

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Focus On Christ, Not My Doubts

Focus On Christ, Not My Doubts

Today I will focus on Christ and not on my doubts. Peter lost focus, allowing his survival instinct to override faith. We need the superhuman instinct given only by the Holy Spirit to keep our eyes on Christ and walk through the storms of life. Regardless, Christ will...

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Short Provocative Thoughts

Themes to Explore

“Lessons From The Helm”

This is my first published book.

“Lessons” presents life’s big lessons from the helm of a very small boat and details a 3-day sailing regatta in which my son and I competed and capsized.
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Lessons From The Helm

Life’s big lessons

“Destroy These False Gods

My latest book. What false gods are vying for your soul? Discover 101 false gods that must be destroyed before they destroy you. Available on Amazon.com