Why Do we Pray?


Why is it important?

Simple or profound, short or lengthy, prayers have a beauty of their own. Here are some that have struck me as powerful and poignant.


Mon Cher Ami,

Life throws us into situations that can tear us apart emotionally, physically and spiritually. You are experiencing such a situation with your father and his last wishes. It is here where we can find strength and wisdom beyond our own through our faith, the bonds of family, and the precious memories of a loved one.

My prayer for Lionel is that he finds peace and comfort, without pain, in his last days. That he is reunited with his beloved mother and father to enjoy each other for eternity. And that he feels-even if he cannot express it-the love that surrounds him.

My prayer for you is that, as a beloved son, your memories of the past and your presence with him now will comfort you and  sustain you in the days ahead.


A Spiritual Ark

Lord, as Noah did, do for us according to your covenant. Build a spiritual ark that we may occupy through treacherous waters and bring us safely into Your grasp that we may know your loving kindness.


Lord, you have sown many seeds in our lives. If we lack understanding, inform us. If we lack commitment, build us up. And if we are distracted, keep us focused. All for the purpose of bearing much fruit and shining light upon Your glory.

Healing Prayer For Wholeness

We thank you, Lord, that you are a God of healing. You desire that we be made whole in every way and demonstrated this through the words and miracles of your Son. Bring your healing power to D___ for a renewed body and mind. Bless those who attend to him. May they use...

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