We all serve some form of god, if not with a capital “G” then a small “g.” Even atheists, even agnostics serve some form of god. What god am I worshiping? The God of my Christian faith, some watered-down god of my self-serving nature or something else, something false? The significance of this question is clear; the god we serve will either make us whole or destroy us entirely.

We call these false gods by various names: devils, evil spirits, bad angels, or demons. Regardless of what we call them, they compete for our souls. And they are very selfish; they want all of us, and they build a stronghold in our minds. It was with this realization that, on May 10, 2011, I was driven to start writing about all the false gods that tempt us to serve and worship them. We worship these false gods by believing them, incorporating their false truths into our lives, and, most importantly, by squeezing out what is real truth.

Here, for your consideration, are 101 of the most insidious and beguiling false gods that I discovered, primarily found in the Gospels of St. Luke and St. Matthew. They are organized into five groups:

1.​Hatred of the Holy. These are false gods whose hated is almost palpable. There is nothing subtle in their efforts. They desire to separate us from the holy and form idols in our hearts.

2.​False Gods of Deceit and Deception. These are false gods that appear to act as well-meaning guides but mislead by deceit, false logic, and misdirection. They try to confuse us, imply that missing the mark is acceptable, and that myopia is normal.

3.​False Gods of The Low Road. These false gods would have us settle for less or less than the best, entice us to take the low road, accept the small picture, and take the easy way out.

4.​False Gods of Ignorance. These false gods prey upon ignorance, deny reality, apply false logic, minimize consequences and use devious means to distract us.

5.​False Gods of Vanity. These are the false gods of presumption, self-importance, pride and vanity. They offer only the choice of self-serving values.

What god or gods are you worshiping? This decision will either make you whole or destroy you entirely. Choose wisely.