What will tomorrow bring?

Will there be another senseless shooting tomorrow?

Will lives be lost to opioids?

Will natural disasters still strike?

Will people still lie, cheat and steal?

Will trust be betrayed?

Will there still be ignorance, greed, poverty, discrimination, and wars?

Yes, of course there will be. What do you expect of this life?

So, why trust in the Lord?

We trust because:

We will not be alone to suffer.

We will find strength to endure.

We will find strangers who will help.

We will uncover new skills to cope.

We will find small joys that thrill us and jolt us out of complacency.

We will be given new perspectives to realign our thoughts.

We will read words that give us comfort and encouragement.

We will be given the opportunity to choose to believe in redemption and eternal life.

We will discover that to receive we only have to give.

We will have the opportunity to redefine our lives and redirect them more purposefully.

We will have the opportunity to gain personal satisfaction and strength for the continuing journey by working through the trials of life.

We will have the crossroads experience to seek deeper meaning in life than what the world holds as desirable.

It is believing that one word, one smile, one loving action can make a world of difference to someone or to me.

We trust in the Lord for hope when everything around screams of hopelessness, for energy when totally exhausted, for serenity in a world gone crazy, for the tenacity to refuse despair.