The Majesty of God

In his book, Knowledge of The Holy, A.W. Tozer writes, “The decline of the knowledge of the holy has brought on our troubles. A rediscovery of the majesty of God will go a long way to curing them.” The world and our lives are full of problems; a cure is highly desirable.

The word itself, when applied to God, helps illustrate the problem. Definitions include regal, lofty, or stately dignity; imposing character; grandeur; supreme greatness or authority; sovereignty, a quality that takes your breath away, impressive. These are powerful words, but inadequate.

How the word is used amplifies the problem; the majesty of the Grand Canyon, for example. Is the Grand Canyon sufficient to understand God’s majesty? Again, inadequate.

We have a God who is incomprehensible and ineffable, and so our words are but feeble tools to fashion a sense of God. At the least, however, we should use what we have as best we can. Tozer provides one way, and it is to consider the divine attributes of God which he lists as follows:

  • Self-existent
  • Self-sufficient
  • Eternal
  • Infinite
  • Immutable
  • Omniscient
  • All wise
  • Omnipotent
  • Transcendent
  • Faithful
  • Good
  • Just
  • Merciful
  • Full of Grace
  • Love
  • Holy
  • Sovereign

It is a daunting task to consider any single attribute, let alone all. How else, though, to cure our problems? As we ponder this question, let us do at least one thing, and that is to adore.