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Why Do we Pray?


Why is it important?

Simple or profound, short or lengthy, prayers have a beauty of their own. Here are some that have struck me as powerful and poignant.



Forgive me, Father, for thinking so little of prayer that I feel the necessity of taking action to make my desires happen. Yes, I am a laborer in Your field and there is work to be done according to your will, but, where I cannot be or for what I cannot do, please...

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Bless our work

Lord, bless the work we do in your name. Hone our skills, heighten our compassion, strengthen our support for one another, and help us to feel your joy as you go about healing our care receivers.

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Lord, you know what is needed to face all the extraordinary challenges, pressures, and obstacles in our lives, and by extension the lives of our family and those who love us. Give us, we pray, supernatural strength, the power to discern purpose in endurance, a resting...

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“Lessons From The Helm”

This is my first published book, an ebook, on Amazon Kindle. Free with Kindle Unlimited.

It presents life’s big lessons from the helm of a very small boat and details a 3-day sailing regatta in which my son and I competed and capsized.

Lessons From The Helm

Life’s big lessons