(A prayer to strengthen someone about to go into chemo therapy.)

Tomorrow is your D-Day when you begin your assault on the enemy that has invaded your body. Your goal is total annihilation.

The best minds have made the plan. The best commanders lead the troops. The troops have the best training and resources. And the plans have been blessed by our God of healing.

You demonstrate courage as the landing craft heads to the shore of resistance. You lead the charge.

Although your enemy is formidable, it is not unconquerable. The enemy has weaknesses that you will probe, attack, and overwhelm. Grit, determination, and tenacity will win the day. 

You will establish a beachhead and move on day-by-day.

Fighting will take its toll. Digging deep within yourself, you will muster the courage, hope, and energy to continue the good fight.

Friends fight beside you. At times they will carry you, and at other times you will carry them. You are not alone.

You will fight in the moment but always with a sense that victory will come. The date of celebrating victory is not known to you now, but it will come.

You did not want this battle. You did nothing to encourage it. But having made its surprise attack on you, you now declare war on the enemy and commit to its total destruction.

Your battle cry is “win.” You will take no prisoners.