Today I will ask God for wisdom in all things, for I am either without wisdom or may benefit from more. How marvelous that we have such a generous God who seeks to guide us in all ways.

James 1:5
And if, in the process (of enduring trials and temptations), any of you does not know how to meet any particular problem he has only to ask God—who gives generously to all men without making them feel foolish or guilty—and he may be quite sure that the necessary wisdom* will be given him. But he must ask in sincere faith without secret doubts as to whether he really wants God’s help or not.

Today I will apply God’s wisdom to light my path to His altar.

*This verse is not a blanket promise of wisdom for any situation. In the context of life’s trials, it probably speaks of the believer being granted (1) wisdom as to the reason for his trials and (2) wisdom to endure them. King James Study Bible Notes