We thank you, Lord, that you are a God of healing. You desire that we be made whole in every way and demonstrated this through the words and miracles of your Son. Bring your healing power to D___ for a renewed body and mind. Bless those who attend to him. May they use their gifts of healing skills and knowledge to bring about D____ complete wholeness. Bless his family and friends to provide emotional support to strengthen D___ with daily hope and confidence. Bless R___ and J___ as D___ partners in his struggle that they stand steadfast as a sustainer to him,  and open them to all the same love and prayers that we shower on D___. Above all, help us all-Drew, Ron, Joni, family, and medical healers-to trust in your loving kindness that, through the coming days of highs and lows, they may step forward, confident in all thoughts, actions, and emotions, to find the inner peace and strength for the journey that only comes from You.

In Christ’s name we pray

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