Today I will weave my personal indebtedness (solemn obligation) to God into a daily action to shine even a small light upon His glory, without regard to whom may receive His Word of redemption. This is the indebtedness of love.

Romans 1:14 
I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish.*

Today I will go to God’s altar with a debt that cannot be paid but can be acted upon.

*Anyone who has Christ has the answer to the world’s deepest need. He has the cure to the disease of sin, the way to escape the eternal horrors of hell, and the guarantee of everlasting happiness with God. This puts him under solemn obligation to share the good news with people of all cultures (Greeks and non-Greeks) and people of all degrees of learning—wise and unwise. Believer’s Bible Commentary
(NB: Greeks and non-Greeks refers to the entire world)

Image by Nika Akin from Pixabay