I praise you, Lord, for the glory of your creation. To behold the full moon is to dwell on the enormity of your creation, the profound laws that govern its operation. It is to glimpse something so magnificent that the mind recoils at its own finiteness and limitation—causing a type of mental shut down lest we become overwhelmed.

Yet, we cannot but continue to stare, to look beyond, and to see you. For through your creation we glimpse your beauty, power, and majesty. The experience is filling, yet the vastness that we feel leaves us unsatisfied. Clearly, you are beckoning to us.
How can we cease to look, when with each moment longer we try to fill a longing that cannot be filled? How can we be satisfied with our limited powers to grasp your infinite glory? The answer is not to contain it or explain it, but to present it back to you through our weakness. Only by acknowledging your glory can we be fulfilled.