Today I will bring someone to Christ for what only Christ can do.

We have many resources to cure many ailments. Many of them actually work. But what of those problems that no one can fix? Where do we turn?

The despairing father asked Christ’s disciples to drive out an evil spirit (perhaps epilepsy) that had possessed his son since birth. The boy would be thrown to the ground, foam at the mouth, gnash his teeth, and become rigid. The disciples failed. So the father went to Jesus and Jesus said “Bring the boy to me.” Jesus rebuked the evil spirit and the boy was healed.

There are many facets to this story and miracle. One focus is the absolute necessity to connect with Christ. There is no substitute for Christ and we need not wait until the last minute. Prayer is a connection and a way.

Mark 9:19
“Bring him to Me!”
Amplified Bible

Today I will heed the command and bring someone who may not even know Christ to God’s altar.