Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller: A Brief Summary of His Book and Video

What is a counterfeit god?

A counterfeit god is an idol, anything more fundamental than God to your happiness, meaning, or identity.

How to identify a counterfeit god

Ask yourself, “what thing, if you lost it, could almost mean that you would lose the will to live, that value would be drained from your life?”

The consequence of worshipping a counterfeit god

Much of our pain comes from the unrealistic expectations served up by our idols.

Idols will always break your heart, for no created thing can bear the weight of your deepest hope.

David Foster Wallace in his commencement address says, “we all worship something, and if it is not God, anything else will eat you alive.”

False gods may be good in and of themselves, like love of a person. If you lose a good thing, yes, it will grieve you deeply, but if it is your idol, it may destroy you.

How to react to counterfeit gods

Take the love of God-Jesus-and use it to turn idols into things, not gods.

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